Surfing Coach, Classes, and Programmes

FPT provides you the knowledge and training expertise to enhance your Surfing fitness and improve on technical limitations in the water.

Whether you want to draw out bottom turns more, hit the lip harder or help with the paddling requirements of the sport, FPT provides a know-how and can do with professional expertise that have been developed from time working for the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre working alongside with WCT and WQS surfers.

Skateboarding Coach, Classes, and Programmes

FPT Skate helps develop your balance, co-ordination, mobility and functional movement problems to improve your body function and skating performance.

Lower limb dominant, requiring lots balance, co-ordination and skill to master tricks that result in a lot of failures. A lot of injures especially to the ankle occur in skating, that’s why with FPT, mobility issues, functional movement problems causing issues while skating and poor mechanics after sustaining injury are addressed to improve your body function and skating performance.

Snowboarding Coach, Classes, and Programmes

FPT provides you training expertise to enhance your Snow/Ski performance and improve technical limitations in the snow.

Help develop your co-ordination, turns, landings and improve your mobility through FPT snowboard training. Due to the amount of rotation though the torso and strain on the lower limbs, training will not only provide you with the expertise to aid in your boarding/skiing development but also strengthen, develop power and build robustness in preventing injury.

Wakeboarding Coach, Classes, and Programmes

FPT Wake training is designed to help you build strong leg for board movements, arms for holding, abdominal strength, improve mobility and balance co-ordination.

Strong, robust legs for board movements and arms for holding on, abdominal strength during landing and control including functional body balance are the main elements for wakeboarding skill. Develop your body to withstand the demands of the pull of the rope and the push of the board though FPT Wakeboard training.

FPT App for Online Board Sports Training – Surf, Skate, Snow, & Wake

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