Breath Training Initially designed for surfers, breath training has also been highly effective for participants in managing challenging and high stress situations in general life. 

This training is suited for anyone wanting to develop there mental resilience, agility and mindset. It aims to help participants improve breath holding capacity , improve fitness and equip them with the tools to push themselves outside of their comfort zone and become more comfortable in the uncomfortable.

Sessions are designed by Dr Olly Farley and include scenarios that require participants to learn adaptation techniques through effective breathing patterns. Sessions progress week to week, from initial simple breath holds, cadence breathing patterns, mental mind set training, to wave hold down simulations, weighted runs and puzzle solving.

Drills are designed to progress week to week and push participants outside of their comfort zone. Sessions can be delivered individually or in groups of up to 10 Max and there is absolutely no limit to age or capabilities. Everyone can benefit from this training.