Improve your surf and snow skills the right way. Get stuck in with one of FPT’s board sport programmes.

12 Week Surf Development Programme

Make massive changes to your surfing skills and fitness through the specifically designed 12 week surf development programme that is suitable for all levels of surfing ability, ages and fitness. The programme consists of the 6 specific training modules below that cycle every 5 weeks:

  • Strength Training;
  • Surf Movement 
  • Carver/Surf Skating;
  • Power/Gymnastics Training;
  • Breath Development/Fitness in the pool;
  • Mobility.

Training is done twice per week (Mon – Thurs), which covers 2 different training modules.

Monday and Tuesday nights are gym sessions covering surf strength, movement, surf power/gymnastics and mobility.

Wednesday and Thursday nights are surf skating or breath development in the pool.

You pick which 2 nights work for you best (i.e Mon and Thurs) and those will be the group classes you attend going forwards in the programme. There can be changes in nights if needed, but will be subject to numbers.

At the beginning and the end of the programme there are surf correlated fitness tests implemented in the gym and in the pool to see your initial starting point and progression at the end. These results are used for the end of the programme fun prize giving evening for those who have made the biggest adaptations and a good social night as well.