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Make massive changes to your physical performance, develop your water/wave hold-down confidence, surfing skills and fitness through a High-Performance model applied for all levels of surfing ability and fitness.

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Don’t put up with stiffness and aches! The Mobility and Stability programme is designed to help you move better and protect your joints. Improve your hip, shoulder and back mobility, Iron out imbalances and learn exercises to help yourself for life.

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Make quick and fundamental changes to your strength, power, boarding/skiing coordination and mobility before hitting the slopes.

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FPT Caver Skating helps develop your balance, coordination, surf-skate skills, mobility and functional movements that are all designed to improve your surfing capabilities.

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Learn how to hold your breath for longer, become more confident with wave hold-downs, develop fitness and develop mental mindset to become more comfortable in the uncomfortable.

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The Surf Power and Movement Programme is designed to work specially on your power, rotations, landings and movements related to surfing performance.

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Olly is an exceptional strength and conditioner who has taken me from being a complete beginner to a high performance athlete. He focuses hard on proper technique as well as form and function, which has been instrumental in helping me to transfer my strength in the gym to the water. He has a well structured program that helped me successfully build up to and peak at big competitors and he was super intuitive at catering his program to suit the unique set of muscle groups that kayaking requires. He also makes the sessions interesting and variable, ensuring I got the maximum gain out of every session. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without his critical work and highly recommend him!
Ashton Reiser: NZ Canoe Sprint Athlete; 3x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze @ National Open Mens Div

It is my absolute privilege to endorse Olly as a personal trainer and board sports specialist.

I attended the 12 week surf development course and in that time I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his team.

I came to Olly with a desire to work on my underwater breath work among other fundamentals to support my goal of learning to surf.

Olly patiently supported me in all aspects of training, pushing me to physical and mental limits gaining measurable results in all areas. I have found Olly to be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable in all interactions, he keeps each session interesting and fun whilst remaining challenging and I am keen to undertake another course with him and the team at FPT in 2021 AND pumped for the newly introduced beach sessions.


The Benefits

The FPT app has been carefully designed by Dr Oliver Farley (NZ High Performance/Olympic Strength and Conditioning Coach) and gives you exclusive access to specifically selected workouts to support your training goals with full explanations of exercises, variations/alternatives and tips to help with your personal development.

Not only can the FPT app be used anywhere to help you get fit, sort those injury niggles, but you can also set fitness goals, track nutrition intake, manage your favorite workouts and track your progress in one easy to use app.

If you want to improve your strength, develop your technical skills, your mobility, board control, breath work and spatial awareness then this the app for you.

CASE: 12 Week Surf Development Programme


Warm-Up Routine: 1 Yoga Sequence

Type: Stretching
Main Muscle Worked: Full Body
Other Muscles: Full Body
Equipment: Body Only
Mechanics Type: Compound
Level: Beginner
Force: Static

Drill 1 in the Warm-Up Routine: The “Yoga Sequence” also known as the “Greatest Stretch in the World” is a perfect way to begin any warm-up routine. It involves mobility, stretching and lower-body strength and coordination. Great for opening up the hip, moving the spine and “switching the body on.

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