FPT Research the science behind surfing performance enhancement.

Showcasing the science and knowledge behind surfing performance enhancement. Each article attached is attached here for your reading pleasure on what we know, not what we “reckon”.


– Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness Profiling of Competitive Surfers

– Comparison of the 400 meter Timed Endurance Surf Paddle

– Competitive Surfing. A Physiological Profile of Athletes and Derterminants of Performance

– Five Weeks Of Sprint And High Intensity Interval Training Improves Paddling Performance In Adolecent Surfers

– Performance Analysis Of Surfing. A Review

– Physiological Demands of Competitive Surfing

– Scoring Analysis of the Mens 2013 World Championship Tour of Surfing

– Testing Protocols for Profiling of Surfers Anaerobic and Aerobic Fitness. A Review

– Comparison of the Sprint Paddling Performance Between Competitive Male and Female Surfers

– Associations Between the Performance of Scoring Manoeuvres and Lower-Body Strength and Power in Elite Surfers

– Lower-Body Muscle Structure and Jump Performance of Stronger and Weaker Surfing Athletes