Testimonials from what other athletes think of working with FPT.

What athletes think about training with FPT and how it has helped them

I spent a year working with Oliver Farley as my trainer and he was amazing. He really helped me get into the best shape I have ever been in, I felt like my whole body became so strong. He was also excellent in designing our sessions with my sport in mind, as I am a Canoe Sprint athlete. We worked on having really good upper body strength, while still keeping a good variety of exercises to keep it fun. I think all our work in the gym translated so well into my canoe racing as I felt like I raced my best ever because I was so in shape and in control of my whole body. Ollie has so much knowledge in strength and conditioning and is such an awesome person. I recommend his training to all athletes.
Samalulu Clifton: Canoe Sprint and Surf-Life Saving athlete

Doctor Farley is a phenomenal trainer who understands the mechanics behind different exercises. Over the last two years training with him, I gained an insight around my weaknesses and he has provided effective exercises for me to work on them. He is a highly committed strength and conditioning coach who wants his athletes to continually improve. Every session he pushes me beyond my boundaries and this has helped me to gain a considerable amount of strength and endurance over the three years that I worked with him. I would recommend him to any athlete who just wants their strength to rise to another level.

John Lee: Para-cyclist

Olly has been a great asset to me in really building my strength and power for Surfing. I thought I had a bit of power prior to working with Olly. But since I have started working with him the change has been incredible. I would highly recommend Olly. With all his knowledge and expertise he is your man.

Ella Williams: WQS Pro surfer/former junior World Champion

Olly has been the best S&C coach I’ve had in my sporting career so far. His dedication and commitment to make his athletes succeed is what drives each of us to get up in the early hours of the morning for S&C training. I have had a fair few injuries to my shoulders playing hockey, he has helped every time without a doubt to get me back in good physical shape and knows the boundaries of how to push an athlete at different stages of their careers. Each session is different and provides the athletes with highly beneficial exercises and routines to improve their physical state. Feedback and ongoing support is also one of Olly’s key attributes which is vital for S&C in high performance sport. I would highly recommend Olly to any athlete who needs S&C as the benefits of his training and feedback is incomparable to any other S&C coach that I have used.

Mick Lammers: Jr and future Black sticks Goalkeeper

Olly is an exceptional strength and conditioner who has taken me from being a complete beginner to a high performance athlete. He focuses hard on proper technique as well as form and function, which has been instrumental in helping me to transfer my strength in the gym to the water. He has a well structured program that helped me successfully build up to and peak at big competitors and he was super intuitive at catering his program to suit the unique set of muscle groups that kayaking requires. He also makes the sessions interesting and variable, ensuring I got the maximum gain out of every session. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without his critical work and highly recommend him!

Ashton Reiser: NZ Canoe Sprint Athlete; 3x Gold, 1x Silver, 1x Bronze @ National Open Mens Div

I really enjoyed my time with Olly as my S & C coach. His training was always a great balance of strength, power, mobility, intensity and fun. I saw real improvements in my ability in the gym and also on the pitch.  I would highly recommend to all athletes to hop on the gain train with Olly and see how much it can improve their game!

Anna Leat: NZ Women’s National Football Goalkeeper

Working with Olly opened my eyes in how to train and the whole body function and movement. he’s helped me train to be my best and also was a major help with me recovery after breaking my ribs. I think he’s definitely underrated in the training world and would highly recommend!


Thanks so much again for your help and looking forward to future programming with you!!

 I am in week 8 of the 12 week surf development programme created by farley performance training and I can confidently say that my progress as an intermediate surfer has been outstanding! This programme has covered all bases for me through strength and conditioning, mobility, agility and targeted core and stability work. My paddle strength and endurance has heightened beyond what I could imagine along with core strength increasing weekly! In the past I have suffered from a server back injury and long s or double sessions. I would always notice it but after just the first 4 weeks I noticed a remarkable change in the strength through my lumbar which I am so pleased with! Every element within the program has really highlighted how important it is to get a specified surf program by someone who has a true understanding of mechanics like Oly does. Truly am so grateful to see such improvement and positive changes all round!

Kate Irvine

I have been looking for a comprehensive surf fitness program to help me get stronger in the water. I found Olly’s work by reading surf research articles. As one of the more prominent surf researchers, I knew I could trust his recommendations. After starting the FPT program about 10 weeks ago, I am noticeably stronger in the water. I feel like the workouts, especially the mobility aspects, have helped me to catch more waves, have better endurance, and recover faster from long surf sessions. I am grateful for Olly’s work and look to him as a mentor in the surf-fitness world. 

Thank you for everything,

Kali Stewart

“Ollys brief was to help me avoid shoulder surgery and keep surfing without pain. He has been working with me for 6 months and not only is it working – its fun”

 “Most surfers I know over the age of 40 have shoulder issues. Olly has helped me manage a long term shoulder injury from surfing that without his attention could end my surfing days. Olly has kept me in the water and fitting fit”.

Feel free to amend the above.

Simon Plowman

It is my absolute privilege to endorse Olly as a personal trainer and board sports specialist.

I attended the 12 week surf development course and in that time I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his team.

I came to Olly with a desire to work on my underwater breath work among other fundamentals to support my goal of learning to surf.

Olly patiently supported me in all aspects of training, pushing me to physical and mental limits gaining measurable results in all areas. I have found Olly to be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable in all interactions, he keeps each session interesting and fun whilst remaining challenging and I am keen to undertake another course with him and the team at FPT in 2021 AND pumped for the newly introduced beach sessions.


“I found Olly and his brilliant FPT Surf Development Program when I realized that I had no progress for a couple of years. From the first class I started to enjoy it, even though before the Program I didn’t like going to the gym and it was my first ever time skating.

I totally fell in love with the FPT team, very supportive and keeping you challenged every time. During the class it feels like you have several personal coaches, driving you forward! I appreciate how the program is structured, getting different kinds of drills on land, on skate and in water. I have started recommending Olly’s classes to my friends and they appreciate them as well. It is always fun, hard and fulfilling! And moreover I’ve overcome the stopping point and more than impressed on how my surf has become better and continues to improve =) Thank you Olly and all the FPT team! Feel very inspired with your classes and happy as when training!

Evgeniya Mikheeva

Having previously worked with Oliver before, it was a natural transition for me to purchase the Fpt App.

 As an older guy,what’s most important to me is being able to trainer smarter and  do specific exercises that  enable me to surf  better, for longer and reduce the risk of  possible injury.

What Oliver  has done here is nothing short of incredible and to have the video exercises demonstrated ensures that you are able to perform these exercises correctly and with the right technique.

Colin Overton

“I have taken part in Olly’s training sessions multiple times now and I love it.. 

Olly and the other trainers have really helped me to see what I need to work on to enhance my surfing. It has been epic noticing improvements when I go out surfing now; I feel way more confident and agile. 

The variation in training has kept things fun and challenging, from learning how to skate, to pushing myself to constantly improve my breath holds etc.

One of the sure highlights from the training has been the people; I’ve enjoyed meeting new like-minded people and becoming good friends.

Would highly recommend FPT to anyone who wants to improve their surfing skills!”

Sara de Jong

Having surfed for nearly four hours the previous day (Jan 1), I decided to head out for one last session at Oneils bay on the West Coast before I got my children for a 10 day stint.

Half way through my surf , I got pitched and my rail saver snapped separating me from my board and dragging me into the impact zone.

I proceeded to cop 6 waves on the head and was getting sucked under at a rapid rate.

When something like this happens ,it happens so fast and all that I could remember was the flight and fight training exercises and breath work I had done with Ollie at FPT during winter.

Not once did I panic in an effort to conserve my energy stores and between every wave I was able to get a big breath in before going under.

This training I believe surely saved my life and I am forever grateful

Colin Overton