FPT specialises in training, coaching and rehabilitation for all abilities and ages. Dr Oliver Farley (PhD) has been working within this area for 16 years and works with NZ Olympic athletes too. 

Personal Sessions are dedicated to improve any aspect you seek help with. From shoulder rehabbing, ankle instability, performance goals to sports specific conditioning. FPT Personal sessions are designed to work on your limitations, finding solutions to your needs and improving your health and well-being. 

Initial full-body screening will be done to see what is going on, “paint the picture” to really understand how we can help and give you the best advice, training and suggestions to you. 

What we specialise in: 

Rehabilitation: Ankle, Shoulder, Hip & Back. 

Post physio work or needing some help with some niggles, we got you sorted. We work with ACL, MCL, Shoulder impingement, Slap Tears, Ligament tears and will get you functioning right again. 

Mobility and Functional movement patterns. 

Functional movement is key to moving well and being pain free. Recruiting the correct muscle groups, freeing up ones that are stiff and overloaded are what we specialise in to help you move better and freely. 

Surf, Snow and Skate training & coaching. 

Anything you need help with in terms of performance, getting stronger, more powerful, moving better or skill work on the Carver skateboards. We got it all covered. 

Breath Development. 

Wanting to hold your breath for longer, manage stressful situations, recover faster, have the skills to not panic in stressful situations? Breath Development sessions will give you the tools to help manage these situations.