Kate Irvine

Thanks so much again for your help and looking forward to future programming with you!!

 I am in week 8 of the 12 week surf development programme created by farley performance training and I can confidently say that my progress as an intermediate surfer has been outstanding! This programme has covered all bases for me through strength and conditioning, mobility, agility and targeted core and stability work. My paddle strength and endurance has heightened beyond what I could imagine along with core strength increasing weekly! In the past I have suffered from a server back injury and long s or double sessions. I would always notice it but after just the first 4 weeks I noticed a remarkable change in the strength through my lumbar which I am so pleased with! Every element within the program has really highlighted how important it is to get a specified surf program by someone who has a true understanding of mechanics like Oly does. Truly am so grateful to see such improvement and positive changes all round!