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FPT specialises in sports specific training, board sports training, breath enhancement work and development of professional athletes

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Testimonials from FPT athletes

It is my absolute privilege to endorse Olly as a personal trainer and board sports specialist.

I attended the 12 week surf development course and in that time I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and his team.

I came to Olly with a desire to work on my underwater breath work among other fundamentals to support my goal of learning to surf.

Olly patiently supported me in all aspects of training, pushing me to physical and mental limits gaining measurable results in all areas. I have found Olly to be knowledgeable, friendly and approachable in all interactions, he keeps each session interesting and fun whilst remaining challenging and I am keen to undertake another course with him and the team at FPT in 2021 AND pumped for the newly introduced beach sessions.


“I found Olly and his brilliant FPT Surf Development Program when I realized that I had no progress for a couple of years. From the first class I started to enjoy it, even though before the Program I didn’t like going to the gym and it was my first ever time skating.

I totally fell in love with the FPT team, very supportive and keeping you challenged every time. During the class it feels like you have several personal coaches, driving you forward! I appreciate how the program is structured, getting different kinds of drills on land, on skate and in water. I have started recommending Olly’s classes to my friends and they appreciate them as well. It is always fun, hard and fulfilling! And moreover I’ve overcome the stopping point and more than impressed on how my surf has become better and continues to improve =) Thank you Olly and all the FPT team! Feel very inspired with your classes and happy as when training!

Evgeniya Mikheeva

Farley Performance Training is dedicated to the development of all aspiring athletes, all board riders and individual’s.

FPT is not just for the elite, but for anyone who wants to better their skills, strength, power, mobility, endurance, niggles and overall athleticism. If you are struggling with technical execution within your sport, chances are there is a mechanical problem interfering that can be addressed.

If you are motivated to become a better individual, athlete or board rider, FPT offers services to cater to your needs with specific training programmes available year round.

Olly is also head Strength and Conditioning coach for Surfing New Zealand’s High-Performance Programme which caters to the country’s very best surfers. Olly also contracts to SnowSports New Zealand as a High-Performance Strength and Conditioning coach for national representative ski and snowboarders.

FPT is located at AUT Millennium on Auckland’s North Shore, Continuum Hub in Ponsonby and is also mobile to cater to your needs if living outside of Auckland.