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FPT specialises in sports specific training, board sports training, breath enhancement work and development of professional athletes

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Testimonials from FPT athletes

Having previously worked with Oliver before, it was a natural transition for me to purchase the Fpt App.

 As an older guy,what’s most important to me is being able to trainer smarter and  do specific exercises that  enable me to surf  better, for longer and reduce the risk of  possible injury.

What Oliver  has done here is nothing short of incredible and to have the video exercises demonstrated ensures that you are able to perform these exercises correctly and with the right technique.

Colin Overton

I really enjoyed my time with Olly as my S & C coach. His training was always a great balance of strength, power, mobility, intensity and fun. I saw real improvements in my ability in the gym and also on the pitch.  I would highly recommend to all athletes to hop on the gain train with Olly and see how much it can improve their game!

Anna Leat: NZ Women’s National Football Goalkeeper

Farley Performance Training is dedicated to the development of all aspiring athletes, all board riders and individual’s.

FPT is not just for the elite, but for anyone who wants to better their skills, strength, power, mobility, endurance, athleticism and fixing niggles/injuries. If you are motivated to become a better individual, athlete or board rider, FPT offers services to cater to your needs with specific training programmes available year round.

If you are struggling with technical execution within your sport, chances are there is a mechanical problem interfering that can be addressed.

Olly is also head Strength and Conditioning coach for Surfing New Zealand’s High-Performance Programme which caters to the country’s very best surfers. Olly also contracts to SnowSports New Zealand as a High-Performance Strength and Conditioning coach for national representative ski and snowboarders.

FPT is located at Continuum Hub in Ponsonby and AUT Millennium on Auckland’s North Shore, and can also be online for individual assessments and training programs/advice.