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FPT specialises in delivering personalised, professional training tailored to individuals, athletes, and board riders at all skill levels, ranging from beginners to professionals.

Dr. Olly Farley stands as one of only seven individuals globally who have attained a Ph.D. in surfing performance enhancement. Drawing upon this extensive knowledge, FPT provides personalised training with a comprehensive, professional, and scientifically informed approach, validated by research within the realm of high-performance training. 

With 20 years of experience in the Strength and Conditioning field, Dr. Farley holds degrees in Bachelor of Sport (Coaching: Unitec), Post Grad Dip (Sports Science: AUT), Masters (Sports Science: AUT), and a Ph.D. (Sports Science: Edith Cowan University). 

During his tenure as the head exercise physiologist at the Hurley Surfing Australia High Performance Centre (2013-2016), Dr. Farley completed his Ph.D. and collaborated with WCT and WQS professional surfers.

In recent years, Dr. Farley has actively contributed to the development of emerging junior athletes in New Zealand, spanning various sports such as hockey, football, sailing, rowing, netball, cycling, swimming, sprinting, and Paralympic disciplines through the Pathway to Podium program. Many of these athletes have gone on to represent New Zealand at the national level. Currently, Dr. Farley collaborates with New Zealand professional athletes and provides contracted training to SnowSports NZ, working with representatives and Olympic athletes in skiing and snowboarding. Additionally, Dr. Farley serves as a Master Coach (Exercise Physiology) for The Surfing Pentagon. 

Driven by his passion for sports training and helping others achieve success, Dr. Farley expresses his vision: 

“I aim to establish a legacy of offering athletes and riders, both young and seasoned, a path to excellence that enhances their personal development not only in their sport but also in their overall life.” 

FAQ: Farley Performance Training’s Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any further questions, get in touch today! 

FPT caters to ALL levels and anyone wanting help with their training, performance, rehab and overall fitness

TheF PT Riders programme is open to all levels of riders and working on your limitations. While some members maybe more seasoned in their sport/higher performance competitor, every person has their own strengths and weaknesses, and the programme aids all levels of fitness and ability.

Session can be booked for mini groups of 2-4 people.
These are subject to availability on days and times.

They can do if they would like to work in a small group if more are keen. We can certainly do one-on-one sessions too.

Click link to find out more information.

All classes run for 1-hour; personal sessions can be adjusted to your needs.


Alejandro Paredes Carrasco
Alejandro Paredes Carrasco
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Stephen Davis
Stephen DavisFacebook Reviews
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Super professional and easy to work with, helping you achieve your goals along the way
John Little
John LittleFacebook Reviews
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Great to join in on the weekly FB Live training sessions with Olly. Insightful and helpful strength / mobility exercises tailored for what I need. Highly recommend Olly and FPT.
Adam Perrett
Adam PerrettFacebook Reviews
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My partner and I have had one on one training with olly from farley performance. both having previous injuries to knees shoulders etc. olly worked with us to create a programme to help strengthen these issues. highly recomend farley performance. cheers olly. i lov iiiiit
Joshua McCormack
Joshua McCormackFacebook Reviews
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Great work outs especially during the lockdown period. Looking forward to testing out the mobility and strength gains on the water soon.